We invite you to release all your adrenaline through a battle of painting.

Share with your friends an unforgettable experience in the best paintball field in Medellin.

  • Minimum 4 people
  • Maximum 16 people
  • Insurance policy
  • Personal protection equipment.
  • Glasses, overalls, helmet, knee pads, marker.

One hour of play with 100 balls of entry.

  • Cost per person: 10 USD
  • Additional recharge of 100 balls, $ 3 USD For 500 balls 16 USD
  • Additional transportation: consult cost.
  • Bring water to hydrate.
  • Use sun block, hat or cap, tie shoes. Wear blue jeans, long sleeve shirt or buso.
  • Do not bring jewelry, money in quantity or items of value.
  • Bring a camera and binoculars or, failing that, one of the two.
  • The tour is done in silence so as not to disturb the peace of the place.
  • A total respect for the environment is demanded.
  • Do not throw garbage, keep it until you have a suitable place to deposit it.
  • Carry identity document in a visible place.



40 USD / 50 USD

Paragliding Tour

San Felíx

San Felíx

We make possible the experience of flying in Parapente, in the corregimiento of San Felix, under the guidance of certified instructors and operating the development of this practice strictly according to the NTS AV013. We guarantee an excellent view with beautiful landscapes, and an unforgettable adventure trip.

Tour details
50 USD / $ 66 USD / 110 USD

All Terrain Vehicles (ATV)

San Felíx

San Felíx

Live the adventure of traveling through the most intense landscapes and mountains of San Felix, in great ATVs.

Book with a minimum day in advance:

You can choose between the landscape and river route or the Pantano route, according to your interests and preferences.

Tour details
45 USD

Horse ride

San Felíx

San Felíx

We invite you to take a tour being the rider of a beautiful horse that PARAGLIDING FLIGHTS provides for you to enjoy varied routes in which you can release your tensions and all the stress you have accumulated while you delight your eyes with the beautiful landscapes of our region.

Tour details