Memory Tour

“Pablo Escobar”


Pablo Escobar Tour: Tour of the city of Medellín, visiting:

  • Barrio Pablo Escobar, an approach to the historical review of this place is made.
  • La Catedral Prison: Historical review of the site.
  • Montesacro Gardens Cemetery: Place where Pablo Escobar is buried with some of the members of his family.
  • House where Pablo Escobar died.

4 hours ½ depending on traffic in the city.

35 USD

  • Bring water to hydrate.
  • Use sun block, hat or cap, tie shoes. Wear blue jeans, long sleeve shirt or buso.
  • Do not bring jewelry, money in quantity or items of value.
  • Bring a camera and binoculars or, failing that, one of the two.
  • The tour is done in silence so as not to disturb the peace of the place.
  • A total respect for the environment is demanded.
  • Do not throw garbage, keep it until you have a suitable place to deposit it.
  • Carry identity document in a visible place.



50 USD

Museums Tour


San Felíx

Visit the most emblematic museums of the city of Medellín and learn about the culture and works of emblematic artists, visiting:

  • El Castillo Museum
  • Museum of Modern Art
  • Botero Museum
  • Museum of Memory
Tour details
45 USD

Horse ride

San Felíx

San Felíx

We invite you to take a tour being the rider of a beautiful horse that PARAGLIDING FLIGHTS provides for you to enjoy varied routes in which you can release your tensions and all the stress you have accumulated while you delight your eyes with the beautiful landscapes of our region.

Tour details
45 USD

City tour


San Felíx

This tour takes place in four stops:

  • Visit the Pueblito Paisa, biographical review of this place, through the birth of its history.
  • Visit Park of the Sculptures by Fernando Botero. Historical review of each of the sculptures. Life and work of the teacher Botero.
  • Visit to the Commune 13: electric stairs, semitour of Grafitis and historical review of the commune.
Tour details